Captain Smolders

is a second generation family recipe passed on from father to son. Our founder, James Dale, was born in India and grew up in New Zealand, or Aotearoa, meaning "The Land of The Long White Cloud". He attended his local Ngati Whatua Marae Kindergarten, Kohanga Reo, and identified closely with Maori culture and the way of being, or Kia Kaha, which translates to "Stay Strong". As such, he proudly calls himself a "Maori Pakeha”. Since leaving New Zealand in 2003, he has travelled extensively around the world and has called Brooklyn his home for over 10 years.

Born from New Zealand Aotearoa, and Smoked in Brooklyn NY, Captain Smolders promises to transform your understanding of what a “normal” package of smoked salmon should deliver. We only use Free Farmed and Free Running Salmon from Finland, Scotland, Canada and US and take great care to ensure that both our cold and hot smoked processes deliver the same delicious experience with every mouthful.